World Class Antiques Italy

My World Class Antiques Italy tours will not disappoint you. As I know all the hidden and secretive places for the best old antiques you will be filled with joy once you find an antique you like and I can almost guarantee you will and you may even find a few that take your fancy and it is all part of the experience. You will get to learn the culture of each town and the place we visit, you will learn the back story behind it all. It is a great opportunity to learn about Italy as well as searching for great antiques.

“Marco made my first trip shopping for antiques in Italy a huge success! With a thoughtfully laid out itinerary and helpful professionals in every city the trip was worry free.
His extensive experience handling the logistics of shipping antiques from Italy is invaluable. It might have been my first trip with Octopus Tours but certainly won’t be the last.”

Trish, USA


Telephone. 07766 554944

Location. 22 Arcadia Avenue, Bournemouth

Get in touch soon and discuss some Italian Antiques Tours! Feel free to contact me via the form below and we can discuss tours in Rome, Naples, Venice, Milan, Florence and Lucca.


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