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Finding antiques is a challenge to start off with but with enough experience and knowledge you can find them with no problem and that’s where I come in and help you out with your quest to find brilliant antiques that will not only look good in a household but will also grow in value over the years to come.

To explain the trip in a quick summary it is an amazing experience even if you don’t find what you are looking for, but chances are you will find something that you love but anyways we will discover a route you want to take around Italy and what places you want to go to and we will also have some of the best food in the world. Italian of course, but some say I’m a little biased about that. But never mind, i will also be able to give reccomendationson local hotels to stay at while we travel and many different activites you might be intrested in while we are there.


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Get in touch soon and discuss some Italian Antiques Tours! Feel free to contact me via the form below and we can discuss tours in Rome, Naples, Venice, Milan, Florence and Lucca.


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“Marco made my first trip shopping for antiques in Italy a huge success! With a thoughtfully laid out itinerary and helpful professionals in every city the trip was worry free.
His extensive experience handling the logistics of shipping antiques from Italy is invaluable. It might have been my first trip with Octopus Tours but certainly won’t be the last.”

Trish, USA

Antique Tours Italy – We provide antique tours in and around Italy to help you find the antiques you are searching for whether you are looking to go to Rome, Naples, Venice. Milan, Florence and Lucca I can provide the Antique tour experience that would suite you best! Antique Tours Italy will give you the most in depth and interesting experience of the breathtaking countryside in and around Rome, Naples, Venice. Milan, Florence and Lucca. So what are you waiting for get in contact with me at Octopus Tours.