Antiques Italy

Antiques Italy, the name I have given the country, as i believe this is the home of antiques. They have been around for many years and will be for many more this is why i’m offering to take you around Italy and find the best spots to pick up some rare and valuable antiques that will only increase in value over time and become more rare.

History of Antiques Italy

as Italy is very much a living history museum itself antiques are very easy to find shops almost everywhere in Italy have them but it’s all about finding the spots where you find the hidden gold because any old thing could be an antique but it’s the certain rarity, pattern, collectable, craftsman work that is unbelievably beautiful. This is enhanced by my knowledge as finding the best spots in Antiques Italy.

About Our Antiques Italy Company

I can offer my knowledge and experience of these places and be a guide to shipping and buying antiques. Based on Your Budget I will offer my service and show you the best places in Italy for example Florence, Lucca and Arezzo this trip would be tailored to your preferences and completely personalised to fit you when the trip is over i will make sure the shipping of the antiques is done safely and will ensure this with my past background of being an Italian shipping manager.

What we do

  • Plan how long you want the trip to be
  • Find some destinations that would be good to explore and find Antiques
  • Finalise a plan of how the trip will go and what places we will visit first
  • Once we have done that then we will find a suitable date for you and I
  • We will then travel to our starting destination
  • Once the trip is over I will already have all your addresses to deliver the antiques safely


Telephone. 07766 554944

Location. 22 Arcadia Avenue, Bournemouth

Get in touch soon and discuss some Italian Antiques Tours! Feel free to contact me via the form below and we can discuss tours in Rome, Naples, Venice, Milan, Florence and Lucca.


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“Marco made my first trip shopping for antiques in Italy a huge success! With a thoughtfully laid out itinerary and helpful professionals in every city the trip was worry free.
His extensive experience handling the logistics of shipping antiques from Italy is invaluable. It might have been my first trip with Octopus Tours but certainly won’t be the last.”

Trish, USA

Antique Tours Italy – We provide antique tours in and around Italy to help you find the antiques you are searching for whether you are looking to go to Rome, Naples, Venice. Milan, Florence and Lucca I can provide the Antique tour experience that would suite you best! Antique Tours Italy will give you the most in depth and interesting experience of the breathtaking countryside in and around Rome, Naples, Venice. Milan, Florence and Lucca. So what are you waiting for get in contact with me at Octopus Tours.